Remember the 69 million-to-one odds that octogenarian golfer Chuck Miller defied by sinking two holes in one within one hour? That earned him the August luckbox of the month title. Well this month luckbox raises the stakes. Bruce Rosa, a Stamford, Conn., resident hit the lottery twice in just over a year, and the probabilities are staggering.

The odds of winning a five-number lottery once—and that means picking all the correct numbers—is roughly one in 13,983,816, according to a Harvard statistics instructor quoted on a CNBC website. “To do it twice in just a 15-month span, the odds would be roughly one in 1,473,489,000,000,” said Dr. Mark Glickman.

His probabilistic pronouncement came a few days too late to feed Rosa’s enthusiasm for collecting $100,000 from the CT Lottery for the second time. “Oh, baby, I can’t believe I did it again,” the winner exclaimed upon receiving the check.

luckbox-defining serendipity.