Co-host of The LIZ & JNY Show on the tastytrade network

Hometown Frankfort, Ill.

Age 43

Years trading 22

Office When I’m not at tastytrade, it’s a sofa with my laptop and my dog, Clarence.

How did you started trading?

My grandfather was a fireman at the station across from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe). He got me an internship at the Cboe when I was 21 … I’ve been trading ever since.

Favorite trading strategy
for what you trade most

Strangles in lower-priced ETFs

Average number of trades per day 

Seven to 10

What percentage of your outcomes do you attribute to luck? 

I don’t attribute any trades to luck. I’ve been a probability-based trader for almost 10 years now. In my opinion, the probabilities seem to play out. I’ve had as much good luck as I’ve had bad luck, which should happen.

Favorite trading moment
or best trade and why?

My co-host, Liz Dierking and I came up with a new strategy, later named the Jade Lizard. A Jade Lizard is a trading strategy that combines a short put and a short call spread. The strategy is created to have no upside risk, which is done by collecting a total credit greater than the width of the short
call spread.

Our first one was about six or seven years ago in Facebook. The trading world liked it, too, and it has become a crowd favorite. I’ll never forget trading the very first Jade Lizard.

Worst trading moment or worst trade and why?

Getting run over by a large order to buy puts right before the ImClone news was released back in 2001. 

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6. Miniature poodle, Clarence

Learn how to trade the Jade Lizard here.