Music can feel like a favorite pair of jeans—too good to ever leave behind. But music runs deeper. It’s personal. That makes it difficult to avoid getting trapped in a private music bubble, continuously replaying the same albums to get that familiar but still thrilling feeling. Yet that quashes exploration and expansion, and it certainly doesn’t help the music industry flourish or provide any opportunities for young artists to become the next big thing.

Rockhound reviews are meant to expose readers, and avant rock music listeners, to current rock artists who draw inspiration from classic bands, such as The Beatles, Stones and Zeppelin. But these artists don’t just mimic that classic rock sound. They are creating a sound that is completely their own—and that deserves the same recognition we afford the names above. 

Streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, make it possible for anyone with talent and Adobe software skills to release music. But it has created such a large pool of artists that it’s difficult to know which ones to listen to, or where to begin looking. There are rock artists out there who vibrate with the same energy as members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They just aren’t making as big of a splash in music media because of the current demand for pop and rap/hip-hop artists. 

So, if you’re looking to expand your musical palette, but not looking to stray too far off the path of classic rock ‘n’ roll, let The Rockhound sniff out the next great rock acts. 

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