Luckbox sponsors a new tastytrade network segment to teach two young influencers the trade

Two Gen Z TikTok influencers are learning the fine art of trading stocks and options from a seasoned pro—and they’re doing it in real time, with real money on a live webcast.

The students, Kayla Kilbride and Errol Coleman, are getting seed money and tutoring from legendary trader Tom Sosnoff, co-CEO of the tastytrade network and the tastyworks brokerage. 

The timing seems right for Kilbride, Coleman and perhaps a whole generation of young investors to join the movement in retail trading with today’s commission-free trading and app-based platforms. 

Kilbride and Coleman embody the phenomenon. Both have dabbled in trading, and both have amassed significant followings on TikTok, a medium that attracts a billion users every day—70% of them under the age of 24.

Those users aren’t coming to TikTok in those numbers just for dance challenges and funny cat videos. Many consider the app an important tool for bite-sized learning and life hacks. 

In fact, Gen Z—people age 24 and younger—is already turning to the app for information on personal finance, banking, mortgages and investing. “Fin-influencers” are emerging. The hashtag #investing has garnered a billion views, while #stocktok has attracted more than 254 million views.

Those visitors have money to invest. American Gen Z-ers wield $143 billion in spending power, more than enough to catch the attention of financial institutions.

There’s also a certain open-mindedness about the young cohort. Some 44% of Gen Z would consider using fintechs instead of traditional brands, which is almost twice the rate of previous generations. 

About 35% of Gen Z has attended a financial education seminar or lecture, according to Fanbytes, an influencer marketing platform. The generation has good reason to seek that financial help, studies indicate. Many consider money a major stressor, and 33% cite personal debt as a huge source of anxiety.

That’s where Sosnoff can help. Before his efforts to educate and empower investors at tastytrade and tastyworks, he co-founded the thinkorswim trading platform and served as senior vice president of trading and strategic initiatives at TD Ameritrade. He later helped start the dough trading app and the Small Exchange to make futures more accessible to retail traders. Luckbox is also an offshoot of the tastytrade financial network.

Sosnoff advocates options trading as a long-term strategy for small investors, contrary to experts who claim that options are too risky. Using call options and put options can reduce the risk of owning stocks, he maintains. On the tastytrade network and in seminars, he demonstrates the mechanics and strategies of options trading.

Now, Sosnoff is sharing his knowledge and expertise with Kilbride and Coleman. Their progress in learning to trade is on display in a Luckbox Presents show on the tastytrade network called The Two Yutes. Catch it live Mondays and Fridays at 1:30 p.m. Central Time. Meanwhile, here’s an introduction to Kilbride and Coleman. 

Kayla Kilbride

1. 34” MSI Non-Glare Ultra Wide Screen Curved Gaming Monitor – Displaying TradingView stock market technical candlestick charts; 2. Google Nest Hub Max – Clock display;
3. Razer Blackwidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Chroma RGB Lighting;
4. Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Hero 25k Sensor;
5. Corkcicle Corey Wilson Palm Design water bottle

Age 24

School Vanguard University of Southern California, B.A. Sociology

TikTok @girlstalkstocks 

Twitter @robinhoodkid 

Instagram @kaykilbride, @girlstalkstocks

On a scale of 1-10, (1 = no knowledge, 10 = expert), how would you assess your knowledge of options trading? 4

How did you start trading? 

I’ve had a general interest and basic understanding of the stock market since middle school. After struggling to find work this year during the pandemic, I wanted to learn about something that would keep my brain active during the in-between. I had a conversation with my father, who teaches about the stock market to high school students and on YouTube, and discovered that my interest in statistics paired with my risk-tolerance would be a good fit to begin learning a bit more about the market. I didn’t imagine I would make a career of it, but the more I trade, the more I find it to be incredibly enjoyable. I feel like there’s always a concept or lesson to learn right around the corner, which keeps it engaging and interesting. I recognize that I’m only a few months in, but I feel very confident in my ability to learn quickly. If this were something I planned on doing to make a quick buck, I would have given up much sooner. But because this process for me is much more about learning, the losses are just as insightful as the gains. I look forward to learning with Tom and alongside everyone at tastytrade.

How long have you been trading? How often do you trade? What instruments have you traded? 

I’ve been learning about trading since November 2020. My first real-time trade was the first market day of 2021. I have traded stocks, crypto and options (buying only calls so far).

Tell us more about yourself.

I like to go by Kay, but people on TikTok only know me as Robinhoodkid. My recent hobbies have included anything outdoors, especially walking near the ocean where I live or hiking in Crystal Cove. I also enjoy improv, but it’s difficult to maintain that hobby during a global pandemic, which is why TikTok has been such a creative outlet for me.

Errol Coleman

1. 15-minute timeframe to view intraday trend, thinkorswim;
2. 1-minute timeframe to view short-term price action, thinkorswim; 3. Liverpool Football flag; 4. Books: Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill; Atomic Habits, by James Clear; and The Biggest Bluff, by Maria Konnikova; 5. Samsung speaker

Age 22

School Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado.
Left to pursue entrepreneurial path

Instagram @errol_colemann 

YouTube Errol Coleman 

TikTok @errol_coleman

On a scale of 1-10, (1 = no knowledge, 10 = expert), how would you assess your knowledge of options trading? 3

How did you start trading?

My interest in trading started when I was 18. My dad took me to a very basic trading seminar, and then I researched everything I could on YouTube and Google because I thought it was such a great opportunity, despite the risk. My goal is to become an efficient trader so I can help others coming into the market for the first time.

How long have you been trading? How often do you trade? What instruments have you traded?

I have been trading in the stock market for roughly three years. I typically trade stock equities in the small-cap space of the market. I will usually trade anywhere between three to five times a week, but it varies depending on the opportunities. I will mainly short small-cap stocks using statistics as my trading approach.

More about you?

Family and friends like to call me “E.” My hobbies include football, reading, FIFA (the international governing body of football) and critical-thinking games. My favorite artist would have to be J. Cole. One of my biggest goals is to be able to show people that, with enough perseverance, you can turn your passion into profit. 

Favorite Trading Book
Trading in the Zone 
By Mark Douglas

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