Whiskey is in a golden era. The brown-booze bull market is propelled by trends that show little sign of abating. Unique barrel finishes are flourishing, High-Ryes are happening and wheated bourbons are bigger than ever. Nearly every month a distiller releases something worthy of your whiskey radar. But with glassware, nothing noteworthy had happened since the tapered mouth of the now ubiquitous Glencairn Crystal was introduced in 2001. That was until a 2015 Kickstarter campaign launched the Norlan Glass. More than 11,000 backers raised $800,000—well over the $75,000—and whiskey drinkers took notice.  The glassware is scientifically designed to enhance the nose of fine whiskeys—and, they are stunning. The Norlan Whisky double-walled glass is designed for neat (no ice) pours, and the Rauk Heavy crystal tumbler for chilled spirits. 

You want these: norlanglass.com

— Jeff Joseph