“The Political Trade” podcast is now “The Prediction Trade,” and there’s a lot more than just political betting on the horizon

Luckbox magazine’s political prediction market podcast, The Political Trade, is no longer solely focused on political betting.

Under the banner of the PodcastOne podcasting network, the newly rebranded show—now called The Prediction Trade—will venture into the additional domains of sports, financial markets, weather, the economy, pop culture and cryptocurrency.

Despite the show’s rebranding and wider scope, the core focus remains the same: making money by forecasting future events.

The Prediction Trade aims to “take a stats- and facts-based approach to wagering and trading in the prediction markets.” Calling upon a variety of guests and subject matter experts, from gamblers and traders to investors and super-forecasters, each episode will take a detailed look at a specific market, sport or financial topic to root out how to profit off it.

The season premier launched March 25, featuring hedge-fund manager, podcaster, entrepreneur and lifelong New Yorker James Altucher as the episode’s guest.

Altucher, host of The James Altucher Show podcast, gained national recognition for his viral New York Post op-ed “New York City is dead forever” published last August. Not long after, comedian Jerry Seinfeld penned his own op-ed response “So You Think New York Is ‘Dead’” in The New York Times.

James Altucher

The season premier focuses on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the related prediction markets forecasting whether or not he will be impeached or step down from office following sexual misconduct claims.

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